Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mr. Emmanuel Akomaye (

Am not surprise about the whole thing when good things is about coming someone's way the DEVIL makes him/her feel unconcern about it, until the person loses everything he/she is entitled. I have spoken with the Central Bank of Nigeria Governor on how to help out in given you the easiest way of receiving your payment, according to the write up we received from you complaining what you have passed through from these importers and crooks who claims to be what they are not, collecting money from you out of selfishness and greed. The CBN governor insisted that the Pin-code is the most reliable thing you need to for your bank transfer, as soon as the money is being transferred into your account and I have pleaded on your behalf at the last meeting we had yesterday with the household beneficiary's President to please reduce the pin-code fee to $150.00 to enable you receive your over due payment.
I also noted that some of you (beneficiaries) are unemployed and some (beneficiaries) has been kicked out of their home and some (beneficiaries) are not sleeping and finding solitude in the streets, while some (beneficiaries) has lost all their properties in the hand of these fraudsters and criminals. Bear in mind that your problem is solved as soon as you can pay this $150.00 to Officer who is now in charge of the monetary department, look into your heart deeply and check if what am saying is right, you are in a position to day whatever you feel in your heart because I know some of you (beneficiaries) are concern to have their money but due to one or two problem we are facing. I am giving you %100 guarantee that I will see to the end of this transaction to make sure it comes out successfully, I pray you will never encounter any problem with this transaction and once more I apologies on behalf of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and my country Nigeria that such thing will never occur again.
And for those who has lost all or whatever they had during the incident, please believe that your sorrow will turn to joy and also put everything into prayer because every good thing comes from God. Please do not forget to send me your banking details along side your passport photograph if there is any changes from you or from the bank.
Note: that because of impostors, we hereby issued you our code of conduct, which is ((24006)) so you have to indicate this code in all future correspondence.
Yours in service
Mr. Emmanuel Akomaye
Executive Secretary

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  1. i have nothing[4006]i will pay from bac call6362347862