Friday, October 21, 2011

International Monetary Fund (

International Monetary Fund. IMF.Plot 617/618, Diplomatic Zone,Central Area District,P.M.B. 2851, Garki,Abuja, Nigeria. Attention; This is an official notice to you that all foreign payments have been restricted from all major and minor banks here in West Africa as directed and Authorized by the International Monetary Fund IMF, Organization Of African Unity {OAU} and ECONOMIC COMMUNITY OF WEST AFRICAN STATES {ECOWAS} which involves all ECOWAS countries with International Monetary Fund IMF due to inappropriate handling on these funds payment by the paying officials, hence we have been authorized (International Monetary Fund IMF) to secure all outstanding payment and have your funds transferred to you without further delays by simply exercising financial veto over these officials and institution that has been delaying your payment for their selfish interest. Your Fund will be transfer through Western Union Money Transfer which you will be receiving two payment details daily. You will be receiving $7,500.00 in each transaction. This means, in a day, you will be receiving $15,000.00. You are required to confirm your full details for this operation to be smooth and successful: Beneficiary's Full Names:Address Home/Office:Tel. Cell/Home/Office:Sex/Date of Birth:Nationality/Country of Origin: This information is to be carefully filled as stated above to ensure no mistakes and delay of your funds transfer. Note that our tracking shows that your funds is US$4.9MILLION [FOUR MILLION NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS] present detail from our tracking references and sorts which your email address is amoung, hence you are advised to contact us with the above mentioned in order to fix the evacuation exercise of your funds through the IMF Approved and Authorized final payment system. In plight of this, you are highly prohibited to contact any other office for the payment of these funds otherwise it will be canceled in this office. Awaiting you immediate cooperation Yours SincerelyMr. Emeka KennethManagementInternational Monetary Fund.

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