Saturday, May 7, 2011


Good-News i have found a friend of mine who is willy to assist us with the full given amount of money to obtain the required Documentations to get your Funds delivered/wired to you. but we will have to give him 5% of your Funds when it has be delivered at your Residence,So if you agreed to my friend's condition get back to me immediately so that i can inform my friend that you have accepted and also inform me on which banking institution you operate with so that i can inform him as he requested,and also i will advise that you quit sending any upfront payment/charges to get your funds wired or delivered to you,because you don't need to send money out of your pocket to get your funds. 
Note: Do not send me your banking personal details,i only asked on what banking institution you operate with. 
Thank You 
Mr David Hopkins

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