Monday, April 18, 2011

Allen Large Donation (

Dear Lucky Beneficiary,

This is a personal email directed to you. Let me formally introduce myself to you, my
name is Mr. Allen Large. I and my dear wife Violet won a Lottery Jackpot of $11.3
million in July 2010.You can verify this by visiting the web pages below.

We have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of $700,000 .00USD to you as part of our
own charity project to improve the Economic standard in your region.Kindly fill
informations below and get back to us so that we can send your details to the payout

Fill Details Below;
1. Full Name :
2. Country :
3. Occupation:
4. Mobile Tel :
5. Date Of Birth:

Await your fast reply so that i can sign/approve your check for payment.
Allen and Violet Large


  1. Thank-you for this. I am glad I started looking each piece of information up. Violet has passed away already and this idiot writes like she's still alive. Not to mention the 2 year lapse of time.

  2. omg why would they do such a thing i recieved that email today. ughh i just knew it was a scam and i have been researching and mrs. reynolds did win the lottery she was also so kind and she gave so much and wasnt selfish but sadly one thing she couldnt buy was her health and she passed away from cancer. whoever is doing this scam should really stop its really disrespectful and meaaan!!!

  3. I have also got this email sent to me had to research about this had no clue what was going on and found this page...