Friday, July 8, 2011


18 Victoria Street London
SW1H 0NN United Kingdom.
TELEX: +44 7765 911 158

Dear Beneficiary,
Payment Ref: IMF/WFSA-20111-12.

Following your non responding to our previous email to you, This Notice is
brought to you from IMF World Fund Discovery Management and Payment Bureau
newly invented by the World Bank, This body was set up to discover an
outstanding unpaid fund being owned to Governments or Individuals all over
the world through Contract Payment and International Social Securities,
Inheritance and Lottery Winning Prize Awards as well as health Insurance
and compensation payment.

It will interest you to know that we have discovered an outstanding unpaid
($10,800,000.00 USD) on a file in favor of your name has been given to
this body to ensure that this fund gets to you without any delay, We also
want to bring to your notice that there is presently a counter claims on
your compensation funds valued $10,800,000.00 USD by one Dr. Rajeev Kumar,
who is presently trying to make us believe that you are dead and even
claimed that you entered into an agreement with him to help you in
receiving your fund, So here comes a question you need to answer
immediately your Inheritance fund is released in favor of Dr. Rajeev

Did you sign any Deed of Assignment in favor of (Dr. Rajeev Kumar) thereby
making him your Trustee and Next of kin to receive your fund on your
behalf and Dr. Rajeev Kumar has also given us a scanned Copy Of his United
States International Passport and Bank Account information for a quick
transfer of your fund while we are still waiting for you to urgently
confirm Dr. Rajeev Kumar's claims because if we do not hear from you
within the next few Working days from today, we will honor Dr. Rajeev
Kumar a rightful owner of the approved $10,800,000.00 USD.

In case you did not appoint Dr. Rajeev Kumar and you want to take
advantage of your overdue compensation/contract payment, you are advised
to urgently confirm to this office with the information as requested below
so that we will be able process the final release of your fund to your
respected account in your Country Accordingly to avoid false claim.

1. Your Full Name :
2. Your Home Address:
3. Your Home Telephone:
4. Your Mobile Phone:
5. Fax Number:
6. Your Age and Sex:
7. Your Occupation:
8. Your Alternative E-mail Address:
9. Your Nationality:

We are waiting for your urgent confirmation and we want you to provide us
with the above mentioned information so that we can process a swift
transfer of your Inheritance fund to your designated bank as you shall
advice us while we advised you to please keep every information here
restrict confidential until your finally receive your fund just to avoid
false claim of your fund.
Please we also advised you to inform us if you have been dealing with
persons or organization regarding your Inheritance fund so that we can
your transaction immediately and have your fund successfully transferred
to your existing account in your Country.

Yours Faithfully,
Sir. Donald Davis
IMF World Fund Discovery And Payment Bureau.

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